The Pike County Registrar is the office of voter registration and elections information. They handle all the voter registrations for Pike County. Although employed by the county, they are also responsible for adhering to all the guidelines from the Secretary of State and the Department of Justice.

Most people don't realize just how much goes on in the Registrar office, yet it is a very important role in the county government. If you don't have correct voter registration taking place, candidates won't get elected.

New Election Dates


Pike County Registrar


Lynn Vickers
Pike County Chief Registrar
Tel: (770) 567-2003
Fax: (770) 567-7280

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Georgia Secretary of State

School Board Districts

Commission Districts


8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
Monday through Friday

Office Location:
81 Jackson St.
Zebulon, Georgia 30295

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1032
Zebulon, Georgia 30295

There are 8 Precincts in Pike County. Which include Concord, Hollonville, Meansville, Molena, Second District, Lifsey Springs, Williamson and Zebulon.


Pike has an absentee ballot drop box outside the office that is open 24/7 and emptied daily

Early Absentee Voting                          81 Jackson St. Zebulon 30295

Zebulon                                           7218 US Hwy 19 Zebulon 30295

Williamson                                        65 Patton St. Williamson 30292

Concord                                              23 Society St. Concord 30206

Molena                                                  10 Spring St. Molena 30258

Meansville                                         41 Means St. Meansville 30256

Hollonville                                   4056 Concord Rd Williamson 30292

Lifsey Springs                                  8033 Ga Hwy 109 Molena 30258

Second District                              1585 Gresham Rd. Zebulon 30295

Who can register to vote?

To register to vote in the state of Georgia,

you must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States

  • Be a legal resident of the county

  • Be at least 17 1/2 years of age to register and 18 years of age to vote

  • Not be serving a sentence for conviction of a felony involving moral turpitude

  • Have not been found mentally incompetent by a judge

Absentee Voting

In the state of Georgia, you do not have to register by political party to vote in the state's regular primaries or general elections.


How do I register to vote?​You can download the Voter

Registration Application from this website. (This form is in PDF format. If you are unable to view a PDF document, you may need to download the free browser plugin available from Adobe.) If you have any trouble with viewing or printing the online form, feel free to call (770) 567-2003 to have a form mailed to you.



 Print and fill out every blank on the form completely, and make

sure you add your signature to make it valid. Then you can either fax it in to (770) 567-7280, mail it in to P.O. Box 1032, Zebulon, Georgia 30295, or bring it in to the office at 16001 Barnesville Street, Zebulon, Georgia 30295.


Within about two to three weeks after registering, you should receive a precinct card telling you which precinct you should go to for voting.


How far in advance before an election do I need to register?

Please register as early as possible. The Voter Registration Application must be received by the Registrar no later than 30 days before the election date.


Where do I vote?

Each voter must vote in his/her own precinct. There are eight precincts in Pike County. Each voter is sent a precinct card within two to three weeks of registering to vote. The precinct card specifies where to vote. If you are unable to locate your precinct card, just call the Registrar at (770) 567-2003.


How does absentee voting work?

Absentee ballots are for those who are unable to go to precinct during the election date. Examples include those in the military, the elderly and disabled etc. Absentee ballots are set out about 45 days in advance. Advance voters can come in to the Registrar office up to 3 weeks before the election. The last day to advance vote is the Friday before Election Day.


Are candidates allowed to campaign in your office?

No, there is no campaigning allowed anytime in the Registrar office or around the courthouse during election times.


Where can I get precinct maps?

The public may come in to the Registrar office to view precinct maps, or anyone may request small 8.5" x 11" precinct maps be mailed for no additional fee. Larger maps may be purchased as well.


Are registered voter lists available?

Yes, the Registrar office has open records for registered voter lists (excluding voters' Social Security Numbers, of course). Candidates or interested individuals may call to place an order for an electors list (a list of the registered voters in Pike). These lists are available either county-wide or precinct-wide. The information may be provided either in electronic form or in paper form. The fee varies based on the format. Each request is generally fulfilled within about seven days.

Blank Absentee Application

A drop off slot is located in the door at the Registrar Office for Absentee Ballots

Commissioners and their re-elect years:


Briar Johnson                Chairman          2020


Timothy Daniel              District 1           2022


Timothy Guy                 District 2           2022


Jason Proctor                District 3           2020


James Jenkins              District 4           2020

School Board Commissions and their re-elect years:


District 1                       Ryan Edge                     2022


 Distict 2                       Allen Edwards                2022


District 3                       Emily Osteen                 2020


District 4                       Beth Camp                    2020


District 5                       Denise Burrell                2020


District 6                       Floyd Jerome Miller        2022