Pike County Emergency "911" Services are handled by trained and dedicated personnel. Below are details about these important services. Please review this information and frequently asked questions and let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Pike E-911

P.O. Box 759

Zebulon, GA 30295

Phone & Fax Numbers:


Office Number: 770-567-8431

Non-Emergency: 770-567-7296

Fax: 770-567-7289

Emergency: 911



Pike E-911 has been in operation since November 2003. We employ a staff of 13, 12 full time employees and 1 part timer. The dispatchers handling emergencies are well trained and dedicated. Each dispatcher completes in house training as well as a Georgia Mandated POST and GCIC training. All dispatchers are certified within 6 months of employment. Training is ongoing. We attend classes presented by APCO and NENA.



We are a 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week /365 days a year operation. 

At this time the Pike E-911 Center processes all hard line calls showing name, address and telephone number. All cell phone calls displays cell tower address and information (Phase1).

Our newest project is Phase 2. All equipment was delivered during the week of April 7, 2008. Phase 2 technologies will display exact location including latitude and longitude of all cell phone calls within our county. We expect to begin receiving Phase 2 calls within the next few months. At that time detailed maps of our county will be displayed for every call at the click of a button.


What is “911”?

911 is the number AT&T made available to be used nationally as a standard emergency assistance number.

Is 911 available to me?


Yes. Whether the phone is a home, business, or mobile phone, each caller in Pike County (including the cities of Zebulon, Meansville, Molena, Concord or Williamson) has access to 911.


Who does Pike- E911 dispatch to?


The E911 Communications Center dispatches to the Zebulon and Molena Police Departments, Pike County Sheriff Department, all Fire Departments and emergency medical Services (EMS).

When should I call 911?

Call 911 when you have an emergency and need the Police, Fire or Emergency Medical Services.

What will the Dispatcher ask?


The communicator answering your call will ask you some common questions to verify the information displayed by the database. You should be prepared to give the following facts:


  • The address at which the crime/emergency is taking place.

  • What the emergency is (i.e., fire, medical, police)

  • The phone number you are calling from

  • Your name

  • The nearest cross street

  • Your home address

  • Your home phone number


Medical calls may be transferred to a trained medical operator for assistance and step by step instructions on how you can help while you wait on the medical unit.

What if I do not have an emergency, but I still need a police officer to come to my home or business?


Call the NON-emergency number for the Communications Center. The number is 770-567-7296. For questions concerning 911 addresses, please call Wendy Pippin at 770-567-8431.




  • Do not call 9-1-1 for information. See your telephone directory or use 411

  • Keep your telephone company informed of any changes in your name and address.

  • Be sure your house numbers can be seen easily from the street by emergency personnel. Post numbers on both sides of your mailbox. Post a sign with your house number on it at the end of your driveway.

  • If you dial 9-1-1 by mistake, do not hang up. Wait until your call is answered and explain that you misdialed. If you hang up, the Communications Officer will try to reach you. If the Communications Officer is unable to reach you, a law enforcement officer will be sent to your location.